Saturday, August 6, 2011

July 18, 2011

So about a week ago there was a little bit of a stir amongst the members about some sort of legislation or something that would make a temple more likely to happen in France. Then just a couple days ago we were getting on the internet to watch the new "Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration" movie with a recent convert, and the home page was Le Parisien (the main Paris newspaper). Right there on the front page, first headline is a picture of a temple rendering and a headline talking about the proposed plan for an eighty-million euro (about 112 million US dollars) Mormon temple. And sure enough, on the Newsroom, it pretty much confirms that is the plan! For people in Lyon and South-eastern France, it's not necessarily going to be any more convenient to go to Paris rather than Bern, but the idea that France will finally have a temple is AWESOME!

Wow has it been a CRAZY week! Most importantly however, Ibrahim has entered into the fold of the Lord through the saving ordinance of Baptism by water. Pretty cool, eh? It turned out to be really great. There weren't a whole lot of people at his baptismal program last night, but it went smoothly and was just a simple success. One of the best parts is he only was dunked once (which is not usually the case it seems, I think I probably told you about a girl a few weeks ago who went under the water like eight times).

Next up, transfer calls came this morning. Just as was pretty-well expected, Elder Moore and myself will be staying in Gerland, Lyon. Elder Stephens, however, is heading down to Toulon to be the Marseille District Leader. I am quite jealous in fact of his apartment location, he is about a two-minute walk away from the beach. So lucky!

I'm glad that Curtis and Parker had such a good time at Bear Lake! Sounds like it was pretty darn eventful, with Carson Herbert being the camp friend, winning the spirit stick with an awesome skit and getting all sorts of things done. It is really too bad though that there was a scout who died while up there. It's times when we are around situations like that when we can be so thankful for our testimonies of the Plan of Salvation.


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