Monday, September 5, 2011

Alex's First Transfer!

A lot has happened since the last update a little over a month ago. We won't go into much detail right now, other than to report that Alex has been transferred from Lyon to a suburb of Bordeaux called Talence. He said it was a LONG train ride, but he really enjoyed seeing the Mediterranean Sea during part of the trip. He traveled south from Lyon through Valence and Montpellier before heading west to Toulouse. From there, he went northwest to Bordeaux. If you look up this route on a map of France, it looks sort of like a smile! Anyway, here is his new address:

Les Missionnaires
Elder Hughes
80 Cours Gambetta nº 27
33400 Talence

If you are sending a handwritten letter and envelope, there should be no problem with the symbol that looks like degrees º. For those who want to use a keyboard, the code for that symbol is Alt+0176 in Windows (and I think it has to be entered on a numeric keypad) and option+0 (zero) on a Mac.

We will try to update again soon, perhaps with pictures included. In the meantime, we are so pleased that he is enjoying his mission experience thoroughly and doing very well...

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  1. I have thought about missionary work a lot, especiallyi since general conference. It's great to know we are all doing our part.