Friday, April 15, 2011

1 week to go in the MTC !

I can't believe Alex will be flying out on April 25th to Switzerland!! He is super excited and I'm very happy that he'll be able to call home from the airport!! Alex and the other 7 Elders performed the song "Here Am I" at the missionary Conference at the MTC. Another missionary filmed them during the "sound check" since no filming is allowed in the actual meeting. I will try to post it (as soon as we can get it to download in a format that works with Blogger - stay tuned). Try to ignore the people walking around while they are I haven't heard this song before, but it is beautiful. Elder Callahan, the short one in the middle, is the one who arranged the way they would perform it. Alex said he is very musically talented . This is Alex's first attempt at being part of a choir. I'm so proud that he is willing to try new things. I am also including some pictures he sent us. Keep the Faith :)


  1. He looks wonderful and so happy to be doing the Lord's work. You and Terry should be very proud of him. I know I am...and I'm just an onlooker. You done good !!!!!

  2. Look at that man! You can tell he's soaking everything in. :)