Friday, March 18, 2011

3 weeks down

The last three weeks seems like a blur and also the longest ever at the same time. Alex is keeping busy and learning a lot. He shared that his French classes are part of a new pilot immersion program that he & his district are all involved in. It is pretty intense! They continue to teach their "investigators" and his teacher Frere Thompson told Alex & his companion, Elder Williamson, that they were about 95% correct in the French they spoke. He has encouraged them to speak in French as much as possible everyday. This is so awesome.
Alex has the bottom bunk in his room & he said that the other night he laughed to himself remembering when he and Curtis shared bunk beds growing up... something about giggling about "the poop & pee show"...I knew they were up to something! haha
Alex tried out for a musical number with a few of the other Elders in the French Zone. There are 8 of them in all & they'll be singing "Here Am I" which is a song about when Jesus offered to go down to Earth to atone for us and then it relates it to how missionaries offer to sacrifice two years of their lives to serve the Lord. (I'll have to ask him who it is by, I'm not familiar with it but it sounds amazing.) Anyway, they had to audition in front of Sister Nally, (the MTC Presidency 2nd counselors wife who is in charge of music) and Sister Brown (MTC Presidents wife). There are several groups who audition each week & they choose a couple to perform at different things like orientation mtgs., senior missionary orientations & a few other meetings. After they sang it for the 2 sisters, they brought in the MTC Presidency & all the other people in the administrative hall & they sang it again. They loved it & told them that they would be performing soon & probably at a meeting for the entire MTC, like a mission conference, devotional or a Fast Sunday. Alex is so excited and yet nervous too. He said luckily his "performer side" from Ballroom came out & he didn't look as nervous as he felt inside.
We are looking forward to hearing more about his MTC adventures. He shared with us..."The other night I realized that I miss you the most because I wish you could be here to learn all of the things I'm learning and hear from the General Authorities and feel of their spirit when they come."
We love you Elder Hughes!

check out "" & send Alex a free letter . click on mission "provo mtc", write letter, Elder Alexander Hughes,mailbox #216, mission code SWI-GEN, estimated departure date 0425. Type your message as an e-mail and it will be delivered to him as a paper letter the next day :)

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