Saturday, October 27, 2012

Out of the office, back into the field!

We had promised somewhere along the line to be more diligent at keeping up this blog. Then, when it became obvious that we couldn't keep that promise, we vowed to at least keep everybody updated on Alex's address changes. Well, he was transferred out of the office and back into the field on September 10. He spent six weeks in another part of Lyon, an area called Villeurbanne. Now he has moved again - and this might be the last change of address before he comes come! His new address is:

Les Missionnaires
Elder Hughes
90C Cours de la Liberation
38100 Grenoble

If anybody sent mail to Alex during the "lost transfer," it was probably sent to the most recent address you had, which is the Mission Office. So he likely would have received it eventually. But this new address is better. His birthday is December 15, and of course Christmas comes right after that. He comes home on February 26, so you can determine for yourselves how close to that date you want to send him anything. We probably won't send any more packages after the Birthday/Christmas package. The last mailed letter will probably need to be sent by about February 15. No guarantees that anything sent beyond that date will get to hime before he leaves.

Until next time...

Hughes Family

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