Saturday, August 6, 2011

June 27, 2011

Let's see. This week has been pretty eventful. On Monday, after
e-mails and grocery shopping, we went and spent some time in Parc Tête
d'Or. It's SUCH an awesome park! I'm not sure how big it is compared
to like Central Park or whatever, but it definitely is huge! It has a
huge botanical gardens area, a lake and even a free zoo thing you can
walk through. That's what most of the pictures I sent home are of. I
thought you'd get a kick out of "the scowler" (the monkey). He would
just stay there right next to the glass and if you would make faces at
him, he'd make faces back. We sat there for like 20 minutes just
trying to get him to do crazy stuff. Also I thought it's awesome how
in French, a porcupine translates to an "Epic Pig."

Tuesday we had zone conference! It was really, really good. It's

obvious that President Murdock is a little nervous for the big switch
that's happening this week, (The change in the mission, from Switzerland, Geneva to France, Lyon) but I don't think there will be any
problems or anything. There are rumors going around though that
transfers in a few weeks are going to be huge!

After zone conference, we started exchanges with the Ecully elders. I
stayed in the Gerland quartier with Elder Lozano (our district
leader). We didn't get a whole ton done though because of how much
flipping rain we got! I am confident in saying that I've never been so
wet à cause de rain ever before. I don't think I've ever even seen
rain that drenching. We decided it would be impossible to find
somewhere to hide from it, so we just walked through it and got
soaked. I think we were the only people who were crazy enough to just
walk through it though, so contacting wasn't too effective. Tuesday
night we went and visited with a less-active up near Vieux Lyon, which
is like the tourist magnet of Lyon. It's up by the huge cathedral and
it's just a way nice and super cool area. To make it even cooler, this
last week was "La Fête de la Musique" here in Lyon. So there were
different bands playing about every block or so. It was so cool to be
hearing one genre of music and then walk 100 feet and be listening to
a different. It was defintely something that I want to come back and
check out sometime when I can actually stop and enjoy it.

Thursday we had another rendezvous with Frère Yabidi and it went very
well. We have officially set a baptismal date with him for the 17th of
July. Yesterday he even came to church! It's so cool that he's willing
to walk half an hour to the gare in his city and take a train into
Lyon just to go to church. So I'm looking forward to what looks like
is going to be our first baptism. On the way back from visiting him we
got a call from President Murdock and found out that we were getting a
new companion the next day! His name is Elder Moore, he's from Houston
Texas. He served for about six months last year before having to go
home because he got super sick, so now he's officially back and we're
officially a tri-panionship. It's kinda weird to walk down the street
with three people, especially with all of us being bigger than the
average French person, we kind of feel like a gang...but nonetheless I
think that we're going to get a lot of work done. Elder Stephens and
some of the other Elders are thinking that at the end of this
transfer, Elder Stephens will get transferred out and it will be just
me and Elder Moore. But that's all just speculation, so we'll see.

Anyway, things are going well! I really like serving in Lyon.

Sorry that I didn't have the chance to send a letter off this last
p-day. I hadn't remembered that with zone conference the next days,
we'd have Elders from out of town arriving at our apartment in the
evening so I ran out of time. I did receive your package! It came on
Wednesday and so judging by the post-mark it takes a week to get here.
Also judging by the post-mark, it's DARN expensive to send packages
over to France! Thank you so much though for the food and the ties and
the basketball hoop! It already is being put to use.

So what's the plan with the Saturn that Curtis bought off of Austin?
Have you started looking into how expensive it will be to buy a new
engine? I can imagine it's not going to be super cheap.

Well, I think that's all that I have for this week! I love you all so
much and am always thinking about you!

much love,

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